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I travelled to Israel in October 2019 with WFTR. This was the first time I had been to Israel and I only decided to go a few weeks before; without exaggeration it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

There are many memorable personal experiences I have from the trip, in fact I am probably still digesting some of those experiences today! If I could choose two of those, the first would be crossing over the sea of Galilee on a boat. I cannot really put this into words, but I knew I had to come aside on that boat and sit and be still, I didn’t want to miss the moment…and I didn’t!! The second experience that had a great impact upon me was sharing a Shabbat meal, I really do not where to start with this one either, (although I do have to mention, the banquet Cidinha laid out was something to behold!) The candles where lit and the blessing over the wine in Hebrew was recited, it was so moving that I actually began to weep at the table, then Femi prayed a blessing over the kids and that finished me off! This was also such a wonderful experience of family coming together! 

Both these experiences were not surface level experiences so I cannot find words to explain in more detail but I believe anybody who visits Israel with an open heart will not come home the same! 
There are many things I could have chosen from the trip due to the amount of things we got to experience in the short time we were there. It really is amazing that we got to do so much, yet none of it felt rushed! How WFTR was able to keep the costing so low is beyond me!

Suzanne Williamson