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About Destiny Encounter

As the impact of the covid crisis continues to affect millions of lives around the world, God is seeking to redeem what the enemy may have sought to steal from His kids. Amongst those close to our hearts as an organisation is the Joshua Generation (JG).

The JG is the generation that bridges the older generation with a new generation being born. They are people who have been given the grace to preserve the legacy of what God has done with what God is going to do.

This initiative, freshly birthed, is intended to gather the Joshua generation together in a cottage in rural England for a period of up to 3 weeks for a time of teaching, radical worship and impartation. You can come for one week and up to 3 weeks. It will be led by Femi Oni, the founder of Water from the Rock and will attract speakers who have been formed by God to connect with the JG Our hope is that God will use the initiative to transition the Joshua Generation back on track to their destiny.

We are seeking God on how to make this initiative as affordable as possible. We are not charging for what we are going to give (in terms of teaching & ministry). But we would need you to know that you will be required to give towards the costs of accommodation and food we are providing you during your stay.


The dates we have secured is the first 3 weeks of December (i.e. Wed 1st Dec – Tuesday 21st Dec). Once we have received your completed interest form, we will prayerfully consider your interest and get back to you within 5 working days.

If you are interested in this initiative, please note that you would have to attend in person – NOT online

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