The WFTR Team

Femi Oni

Femi Oni is the Founder of Water from the Rock. He is an Orthoptist (vision therapist) by profession and served full time in the health industry in the UK for over 15 years. He is the founder of Blessed To Be Blessing ( – an organisation he led for over 18 years. Femi left full time work in the health sector in 2016 to devote fully to the work of WFTR. Read more about Femi

Maria Oni

Maria Oni is married to Femi. She is an advisor for our humanitarian work in the developing world (also known as Macedonian Call Initiative, or MCI). Prior to joining the WFTR team, Maria served in her native country of Brazil for 17 years: first working with the homeless in the slum cities of Sao Paulo & Rio, and then serving to help with literacy work among indigenous tribes in the Amazon jungle. Read more about Maria

Hannah Savage

Hannah Savage is the Trustee for developing the Disciplers Workshop (  She is a paediatric nurse by profession and previously served as a humanitarian nurse in the developing world for over 8 years before joining WFTR. Read more about Hannah

Sheba Sergeant

Sheba Sergeant is the Trustee responsible for research and development for the organisation. She is married to Martin and are blessed with two grown-up children. She is an assistant teacher by profession and brings enormous wit to the organisation in information research.