About Water From the Rock (WFTR)

Our History

The idea for WFTR first came about in 2005. But as Femi Oni (its founder) has often said, vision often is first created by God (in the heart of the vision) but it still needs to go through at least 3 more stages before it can be birthed. Those formative years (which you could call “gestation”) took over 10 years. During this period, the vision for the work began to emerge as we served the vision of others whose shoulders we now stand on.

Brief Overview of our work

By 2014, the core vision (or DNA) for WFTR was established and can be pretty much summed up in Jeremiah 1: 9-10. Our objective is to contribute to advancing the evangelical faith of the layperson by being a resource to the wider Body of Christ through the following:

  1. Helping Christians to reconnect with the Hebraic roots of their faith (through our annual Pilgrims Tour)
  2. Helping to restore the Discipler (the emerging leader) back in the fabric of church life (www.disciplersworkshop.com )
  3. Serving churches or organisations behind-the-scenes who are going through the challenges of transition and “di-vision” and transition (Let Your Net Down initiative)
  4. Working in collaboration with organisations or churches to provide preliminary training to those considering long-term humanitarian work in the developing world (the Macedonian Call Initiative or MCI)
  5. Linking isolated small expressions of Christ (such as home-groups) with the wider Body of Christ (through initiatives such as the Well and the “Praise & Prayer weekends”)

For detailed information about each of the areas above, please go to the section What We Do

Registration with the Charity Commission

we have successfully completed an application as a CIO (charity incorporated organisation) with the Charity Commission in England & Wales (App No: 5164353).