What We Do

Introduction: Why we do what we do

We are intentional about serving collaboratively within the wider community of believers who aspire to the evangelical values and beliefs of the Christian faith.

We are aware of the diversity of streams within the Christian community and so we try as much as we do to create content that crosses denominational lines. As stated on About page, we do what we do in 5 different ways. We will now go through each one:

Pilgrim Tours

History is a very important part of reminding us of where we came from. It is true that when we don’t remind ourselves of our history (be it collaborative, native or individual), we are likely to forget who we are. History helps us to shape our future, gives us an injection of hope when things seem wobbly about life, and inspire future generations to reach for something bigger than themselves. Christianity has a rich history and we think the land of Israel is one of the greatest pieces of evidence of our common Christian heritage. We believe it is important for every Christian (where possible) to visit Israel at least once in their lifetime.

Every 1-2 years, we organise a tour to Israel. Known as the Pilgrim’s Tour, it focuses on our shared history as Christians, our common values and beliefs, and our collaborative effort to spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. To date, WFTR has facilitated 7 tours to the land of Israel. You can find out about the next trip here or contact info@wftherock.org 

Restoring the Discipler to the local Church

The Discipler’s Workshop is such a huge part of our work that we decided to build a dedicated website (www.disciplersworkshop.com ) to give it the space and volume of interest it attracts. The Onis have spent the last 10years quietly helping people to experience the freedom that comes through the work of the cross by offering a 1-2-1 discipleship. The revolution began over 2,000 years ago when Jesus beckoned a small group of 12 disciples to follow Him. Today, through discipleship, millions have been transformed through the power of the cross.

In 2016, after trialling the workshop in 4 cities across the UK, it was launched as a resource for the Body of Christ. We have since ran the workshop in a dozen places around the world (as far as New Zealand) and the fruits are just immeasurable. You can do the workshop as an individual by registering for the next one online at www.disciplersworkshop.com OR if you are a group (e.g. from a church), you can either book a weekend to do the workshop together or invite us to run it on your premises. If you are a group, please contact Hannah Savage (our training director) on a suitable date via email on: hannah@disciplersworkshop.com

Let Down Your Net

This is one initiative that we invest so much in and has borne more fruit behind-the-scenes than publicly. It is centred around getting behind churches or organizations going through transition or “di-vision”. The initiative explores the 4 stages of transition and how to adjust, embrace and allow each to shape a person, church or an organisation. Femi Oni, who is responsible to develop this initiative, has worked with leaders behind-the-scenes as they go through transition. It also explores what “di-vision” looks like and how to navigate through the challenges it can create in an organisation or church who are in the midst of it. For more information, please write to us at info@wfttherock.org

Macedonian Call Initiative (MCI)

Based on the story of a biblical figure in Act 16: 6-10, the Macedonian Call Initiative (or MCI, as is called) was first conceived in 2009 in response to the work of the Onis in the Amazon jungle in 2007, and thereafter among people displaced by war or persecuted for their faith in Israel. Over the years, the MCI has provided financial aids (in excess of £10,000) to people who have been ostracised by society due to their personal faith in Christ.

By 2016, the MCI program was developed for people working for humanitarian organisations such as BTBAB (www.btbab.org ). The idea remained low-key behind the scenes of our work for a number of years. But in 2018, an increasing number of our volunteers wanted to be part of something bigger than just another 2wks humanitarian mission work. The MCI, still in its infancy, was then used in 2018 to facilitate Esther Price in going to Thailand with another organisation where she is now showing God’s love to women who have suffered domestic abuse behind closed doors.

The MCI program is now designed for two groups of people: those contemplating taking up to a year (like a gap year) to serve in the developing world OR those working in vulnerable communities that isolate Christian from the resources they need to thrive. The former is predominantly to do with supporting the persecuted believers meeting in small groups whilst the latter is a 3-9 months training program to prepare you for living in the developing world. For more information, please email Maria at: maria.oni@wftherock.org

Linking small expressions of Christian groups with wider Body

Since 2012, in every city that a WFTR worker has served in for a year or more, it has always led to or linked us with believers gathering in small groups in homes. Rather than leave those small groups isolated, we have felt the need to either connect with the wider Body of Christ, or to support them long enough to become a fully functional expression of what may become a local church. We have come to call these expressions “the Well” (when they meet in homes).

In places where “the Well” is needed but proving to be a challenge to set-up, we host what we call “praise & prayer” weekends over a period of 2-3 years – these weekends are intended to bring people together for a time of prayer (often combined with fasting) in order to create an atmosphere for God (by God’s spirit) to move in areas resistant to the move of God. Details of our next praise & prayer weekend attached.