Femi Oni


Born in England into an African heritage, he has harnessed this into a positive combo that has enabled him to form a “third” culture that is refreshing, challenges fracture norms and became redemptive though his personal journey of faith as a Christian. He is married to Maria and have 3 children (their first child now in heaven).He worked successfully as a full time Orthoptist (vision therapist) for 18yrs during which he pioneered many humanitarian initiatives that eventually led to him founding Blessed To Be A Blessing (www.btbab.org) – an organization he led until 2019. He speaks internationally and, along with his wife, pioneered the Discipleship Revolution:  www.disciplersworkshop.com. In 2016, he left his work in full time health industry to devote fully to the work of Water from the Rock   


+44 7904 164385


Femi enjoys photography and has a knack for creative writing

Executive Director, WFTR

Primarily responsible for setting vision & creating new initiatives for WFTR Currently tasked with developing the Let Down Your Net initiative


Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

Femi has long been a relational person. He credits his journey of faith to men & women whose shoulders he has stood on for over 20years – most notably are Paul & Kate Jinadu (founders, New Covenant Churches) and David Cowie (Founder, Marine Reach International)

International Centre for Eye Health (ICEH) in collaboration with WHO

Obtained a Diploma in Community Eye Health and subsequently set-up a faith-based primary eye care course in the Amazon in 2006 for humanitarian workers serving in the isolated communities where there is no doctor. The training was endorsed by the ICEH, UK (iceh.lshtm.ac.uk)

University of Liverpool, UK; Work as a healthcare professional

Obtained a Bachelor of Science in Orthoptics (vision therapy) and worked within the national health service (NHS) for 18years during which he rose through the ranks of senior clinician to set up innovative initiatives that helped to make healthcare more accessible

Earlier Years: Working with youth, students & the poor

Director of Operations, Blessed To Be A Blessing (BTBAB)

2004 – 2019: Founded BTBAB and led 14 humanitarian teams to some of the poorest villages in the developing world. Under his leadership, BTBAB became a fully functional organization and a registered charity

Missionary Work (prior to BTBAB and WFTR)

1997 – 2005: Femi began his mission work in 1997 following a medical mission in Lithuania with Mercy Ships (now YWAM Ships). He served briefly with Iris Ministries and then extensively under Marine Reach International for 5years (first in the Pacific and then in the Amazon)

College and Campus Ministry; Youth Ministry

1992 – 2001: Femi pioneered two Christian unions (at college level) and was privileged to co-lead a move of God in the 1990’s at the University of Liverpool where hundreds came to faith in Christ. He also served as a Young Adults & Youth Leader for over 10yrs within his local church.