Due to COVID-19 we are restricting our activities to come in line with government guidelines. Please visit each section of our website to find out information on our events. Some of our events are taking place online. We hope to be up and running again as normal soon.If you would like further information or clarity please email info@wftherock.org 

Water From the Rock

Welcome to our NEW website. It is still under construction and so we apologise for any incomplete information. If you need more info, please email info@wftherock.org 

What We Believe

We subscribe the basis of faith and beliefs of the evangelical alliance in the UK (www.eauk.org) and seek to adhere to a set of working guiding principles that enables us to do what we do without intentionally veering off from our core vision.

Operational Structure

We are a faith-based organisation (meaning we depend on God through His people to finance what we do). All our workers (including the founders) serve on a voluntary basis. As our work involves extensive travels, training workshops and international projects, we incur enormous running costs. As a result, we operate as a not-for-profit Christian organisation with business ethics. This means we welcome donations from beneficiaries of our work in order to cover our running costs.

WFTR is eligible for basic charity status in the UK but our work has grown beyond a basic charity structure. As a result, we have successfully completed an application as a CIO (charity incorporated organisation) with the Charity Commission in England & Wales (App No: 5164353).

Latest News

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